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Change is good

After more than 13 years my journey at UltraGenda has come to an end. I now know more than enough about scheduling in healthcare, building products not just projects, the importance of being part of an ecosystem as a product and not some little island, how to analyse problems, how to explore various designs, document those using volatile means and create working software off of those, making choices and trade offs along the way. But more importantly, I’ve learned to communicate the fruit of my brain, how to distinguish the many faces of change, how not everything is a software problem but sometimes a mentality, people or operations problem, how software often reflects the team that created it, why skills matter, both soft and hard, how I admire ambituous human beings. That and many other things … buy me a beer and I’ll tell you more.
Grateful is what I am … so Yoda-esque yet so true. Companies need to be enablers to bring out the best in their employees. Employees need to spot and seize opportunities yet be loyal. Symbiosis. I’m pretty sure that “being in the right environment” is the reason why I am who I am today, professionally speaking. Technology had little todo with it, really. An interesting domain that needed to grow on me, a great ambiance among collegues, the liberty to evolve are what kept me hooked for so long. So here’s saying thank you for all that.
As company takeovers took place and the dust clouds surrounding such events settled, I slowly but surely started to lose some of my connection & identity. I’m sure many of you know what that feels like, when the corporate landscape changes. Still, there’s an awesome busy bunch hard at work within those walls. They keep on producing kickass products and deliver topnotch support and service to an evergrowing customer base.

However, it’s time for me to spread my wings. From January 2014 on I’ll be working as an independent consultant/software moulder for as long as I can make a living off of it. BitTacklr is the name I’ll be trading under. Obviously there’s a website that goes by that name, as well as a twitter account. If you want to contact me for work, just drop me an email. My schedule is pretty full at the moment though (Q3/Q4 2014 earliest availability) 😉


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